Building Teams for Imminent Disclosure: Reptilian Push

About a year ago my witness Captain Mark Richards said that the Reptoids (reptilian-human hybrids) were trying to push disclosure. He cited a battle in Mosul that was the Reptoids forcing the issue and coming to the surface to reveal their presence. Here is what he said:

re: SYRIA— AND MOSUL – testimony of Mark Richards per Kerry Cassidy’s recall, Nov 2016

“Syria contains Reptoid bases that is why both U.S. And Russia are bombing the hell out of Aleppo.

He says MOSUL IS KEY… The Reptoids are building something there that would force disclosure (of their presence) and the US is determined to stop them.

They want to reveal their presence to create Chaos in the world. They believe humans will go crazy and rebel against their masters if they find out what’s really going on here on Earth.

The Reptoids believe that will assist them in their efforts to take over the planet.”

What appears to be happening is we have a formation of disclosure teams being backed by various factions within the Deep State/ Military Industrial Complex known as the Secret Government / Secret Space Program.

Goode/Wilcock/Tompkins/Gaia-TV faction – backed in part by money from GaiaTV and a portion of the SSP under Admiral Bobby Ray Inman. This faction was only recently joined by Tompkins shortly after my interview with him back in December 2016. I know from prior dealings with Tompkins that he does not support Wilcock/Goode information however, it seems he was persuaded to ‘go along’ with the agenda because it contains enough disinfo to muddy the waters. This in their view is necessary as part of the overall drive to disclose but keep the public in a confused state of mind.
The Tom DeLonge faction – various top military brass are behind this faction including a division of CIA and OpenMinds TV.
The Steven Greer faction – associated with a portion of CIA
The Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot faction – a grass roots organization with a huge youtube following (152 million unique visitors with 165,000 subscribers at the time of this writing). Emphasis on high level whistleblowers with above top secret clearances. Recently backed by grass roots effort by right wing pundit Robert David Steele who has teamed up with left wing Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG to reform the government.
Bassett – Dolan – PRG – known for Citizens Hearing on Disclosure back in 2013. Dolan known author of series of books : UFOS AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.
Others too numerous to mention…


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