Day 60 – Where is Eric Braverman?

by Pamela Williams

I have done several reports on the work in George Webb’s videos, which involves missing CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman, his missing partner Neil Brown, and missing Arms Dealer Marc Turi. All three men are connected to the Clinton Foundation and the work of Hillary Clinton. It is a complex story of the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation with far reaching tentacles reaching and exploiting troubled regions of the world. They penetrate these areas in the guise of a charity organization, but in fact, they seek to topple leaders of wealth in oil rich countries such as Libya. They create wars to sell arms to both sides involved in those wars. Hillary Clinton is a woman who will do anything for wealth and the power, producing that wealth from what she perceives as political gain She is not a woman to be understood except as a war monger, an opportunist, and a Saul Alinsky groupie who also, by all intents and purposes, is a Satanist. I make this assumption, as how could she be anything else? How can she be understood as anything else, just as Alinsky was? Alinsky was a self proclaimed Satanist, and so admired by the young Clinton she did her college thesis on the man. This is how I have come to perceive the evil that flourishes around the Clinton Foundation.

We all know that Bill Clinton is a womanizer, who is good friends with a convicted child molester, Jeffrey Epstein. He has flown on this man’s sex orgy plane to his private island 26 times where the criminal knowingly keeps underage girls and boys for wealthy and influential people to prey on. The American people just seem to accept this as a matter of fact, when, in fact, we should not accept it! Our minds have been filled with so much Clinton trash we just consider it to be “normal behavior” now, BUT IT IS NOT…IT IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!

Day 83 – Where is Eric Braverman?


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