US-Truppen in Europa – Russland antwortet

American personnel and armaments have been deployed alongside NATO, to Russia’s borders – but what are they defending exactly? What „freedom and democracy“ is the US defending in Europe, when it is the single most armed and unruly army on earth? How many cases in point will it take – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya? Nevertheless, Mr Obama goes out with a bang, obeying the commands of his puppeteers.

On reflection of the horrors of Russian history in the 20th century, President Putin had finished the Western/Saudi influenced Chechen wars. Since then, he has supported Syria, which apprehended terrorists preemptively, in their breeding ground, before they had the opportunity to cross into Russia’s Caucasus region. Putin vowed that there will never, in his lifetime, be a war on Russian soil again. NATO would be best to consult Hitler and Napoleon prior to volunteering their services to the Russian winter.

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